Introduction to effects

Pitivi offers a wide variety of video and audio effects to spice up your movies. Available effects depend on the software installed on your computer. If you don't see anything (or only a handful of effects) in the effect library, make sure that the gnome-video-effects package is installed on your system. Alternatively, you can look for packages containing GStreamer or frei0r effect plugins that are available in the repositories of your distribution.

Effects are non-destructive: they are only applied to the resulting rendered movie and do not affect your source files.

Adding and removing effects to clips

To add an effect:

  1. Select an existing clip on the timeline

  2. Double-click an effect in the effect library

To remove an effect:

  1. Select an existing clip on the timeline

  2. Select the effect you want to remove in the middle pane ▸ Clip ▸ Effects

  3. Click the Remove effect button

Toggling effects

If you want to temporarily disable an effect (to compare with and without the effect, or for performance reasons), click the corresponding checkbox in the middle pane ▸ Clip ▸ Effects.