Working with projects

Saving a project

To save your project work, use the Save button in the header bar or press Ctrl+S. When you save a project for the first time, a dialog window appears, asking you where to save the project file and how to name it.

If you want to save your project to a different file, use App menu ▸ Save as or press Ctrl+Shift+S. This can be used to create different versions of your project.

Undoing and reverting changes

To undo a change, simply click on the Undo button in the header bar or press Ctrl+Z. In addition to undoing individual changes, you can also decide to revert all the changes you have made since the last time you saved your project. To do so, use App menu ▸ Revert to saved version.

To redo changes that were undone, click on the Redo button in the header bar or press Ctrl+Shift+Z.

Editing the project settings

The project settings define mainly how the video appears while you edit the project. The video resolution affects how much detail the previewer can show. If the resolution of the project does not match that of your footage, the video may look letterboxed. These settings can be changed at any time by using App menu ▸ Project Settings.

When you import the first video file the project settings are automatically changed to match. See Getting media for details.

Preventing cropping of essential content on television screens

Depending on how a television is built, the video may be cropped when being displayed on its screen. The essential content can be placed in the action-safe area, which is a centered rectangular area safe from cropping. Similarly, titles can be placed in the smaller title-safe area to prevent the text sticking to the screen edges.

The safe areas are displayed on the viewer as an overlay and will not affect the video of a project. The size of the action-safe area and the title-safe area can be specified in the Project Settings. For example, a size of 90% vertical × 80% horizontal corresponds to a 5% margin at the top and bottom and a 10% horizontal margin at the left and right of the video. Producers use their own guidelines since no television standard defines the safe areas.

To toggle Safe Areas on and off, press '.