Presenting our Google Summer of Code students!

Google has published the list of students accepted in the Google Summer of Code program. The accepted students work on open-source software. Pending monthly evaluations, the students receive a stipend from Google. Like last year, we’re mentoring three students!

Abhishek Kumar Singh  will improve the Media Library. The current implementation will be initially simplified to deal with a single Gtk.FlowBox container. Asset tagging will provide the info to display in a new Folder View. The stretch goal is to display the assets by date.

Ayush Mittal will improve the Render experience. The current UI will be simplified, allowing the user to select a meaningful preset. Specifying the export quality for the officially supported encoders will be possible using a slider widget. The advanced options will still be available but not directly visible.

Vivek R will implement face/object tracking and blurring. A new GStreamer plugin will allow tracking a specified region in the video using OpenCV. The obtained tracking information is presented to the user to be reviewed and adjusted in a new UI Perspective. The user can apply the adjusted positions to a blur effect applied to the clip.

Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us. You can find us in