Pitivi 2023.03 — Time Was Money

The Pitivi team proudly presents Pitivi version 2023.03 “Time was money”.

What’s new

Shout out to Thejas Kiran who enhanced the Timeline during GSoC 2022. In the second part of his internship, he resurrected the auto aligner we lost previously.

Pitivi autoaligner is back

In the process, Thejas discovered the audio previewers can be improved and now they look much better.

Pitivi audio waveforms, new and old


A bunch of fixes and unit-tests have been contributed, most by awesome GSoC students. Please see the corresponding 2023.03 milestone for some of those.


You should be able to upgrade to Pitivi 2023.03 when we update flathub. There is a high chance the rolling distros pick it up faster.

What’s next

Aryan Kaushik ported Pitivi from GTK3 to GTK4 during GSoC 2022. As the task is huge, there are still a few things to do. Sneak peek: Jainil will continue the porting as part of GSoC 2023. Once done, we make a release to get it out of the way.

Help wanted

There are many things to improve and polish, come have a chat if you know Python or Rust!